Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My little Tutorial for Photoshop CS6 on a PC

Start with your photo and crop it or enlarge it for ease.
Selection the Magnetic loop tool (3rd from top on the sidebar.)
Trace image and double click to disengage. Image should have the "ants" effect.
Choose Select on the top bar and click inverse. "ant" on the outline now.
Your image should appear on the right labeled background. It should have a lock image.
Double click the lock, select okay from the screen that appears, and then hit the backspace button. Your background should be gone.
Choose Select and inverse again to select the image. (I kept forgetting this one.)
Choose Image on the top bar and adjustments, then desaturate picture.
Choose Image again, adjustments then contrast. This you will have to play with to decide how much to adjust. It will depend on the original contrast etc.
Last, choose Filter, Artistic and cutout. The options then allow you to determine how many layers you want. You can take it down to 2 if you wish.

Hope this is useful to some.