Friday, 18 July 2014

Grizzly Bear Day 2 - Finished Cartoon

So there his is, with all his pieces.
Assembling him is not an exact science. Though it may be nothing more than a jigsaw puzzle, material stretches or shrinks as you apply the fusing material and as you cut it. The outer edges were cut exact but a number of the inner edges were left a little loose particularly if I could tuck them under another piece.
I will be covering the whole with netting before I start to thread sketch. Upholstery material is 3 dimensional because of its weave and the edges will fray and move. The netting prevents the needle or the foot from catching and adding to this trait and minimizes the distortion of the edges.

But don't hold your breath here. I need to spend more time with the original photo, studying the fur. This bear has layers of fur and whorls. Who'd imaged bear had cow licks.
I also need to work out the background. Probably similar to the original photo, but it takes a few days of thinking and frankly, doing some thing else.