Thursday, 31 July 2014

Building the Salmon

I spent a few hours on the internet yesterday, looking at photos of salmon. Again there are many species so I suppose mine will end up being a hybrid of the Sockeye, the brightest. They also appear to look the most ferocious. This was a lovely water colour but then, there are hundreds of photos.

I gave my fabrics a trial with a few shades of organza. That was a no brainer as it would provide the shimmer I wanted on the fish. Red was best over my orange fabric. Black over the orange worked for the belly fins and the tail.

After making a drawing, a copy and a reverse copy on the fusible web, I cut out the body and then carefully added the organza a tacked it all around to the fusible coating.

For the upper fins I used a pale grey. The head is the only portion without organza but that will be gussied up with thread. And I may change the organza colour on the tail......too dark.

So this guy is about 18 inches. I'm rather please with my fabric efforts.
(PS I just went out and ordered a bolt of white fabric and 4 litres of the primaries. My husband is such an enabler. It was he who pointed me to the product.)