Monday, 22 May 2017

Seascape - a Breakthrough.........FINALLY

I had been so frustrated by this piece. It had been a month and still, every time I looked at it, the shoreline moved or didn't work. I figured out the blockage was caused by the white edge. Everyone had said they really liked it. But it didn't work for me.

What was it? Surf? Cliff? Shore edge? I just couldn't see it.

This piece was definitely NOT Dover but I felt like I was being pushed that way.

So after ignoring it for a long time.........I came home.. first to Lake Huron,

and then to PEI....

to cliffs I HAD experienced to and could readily revisit.
It was as simply as that.

Using burlap and cheesecloth, I got rid of the white edge and replaced it with red "sandstone".

Still a ways to go, but now I SEE it.

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