Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Down to the Sea......

Forgive my absence yesterday.
I couldn't focus.
It was the day I mailed my CQA entries.
It was like putting my young boys on the bus for summer camp.
No. Actually,..... it was worse.  😟
But I received notice today they were safely delivered. So I stopped holding my breath...and went back to work. 😌

To the Sea!
To the surf precisely.
I tried a couple of different yarns and fibres. In the end I went with a fringed poly that I stitched in place and then trimmed back.
Our old friend (and hard to use effectively) Angelina was valuable here to give some sparkle. It was fused and slipped under the yarn and stitched down.

Once again this is background work. It can stay a bit messy for that reason.
How I finish the hills and cliff edge will make things clear.