Thursday, 4 May 2017

Birch Trees - Version 2 - Final

Version 2
This came together much faster than I expected, always a bonus.

I included a closeup of the lower area, the finish for the ground. I tried something a little different, I used shrub stems instead of grasses and a much more liberal application of cheese cloth.

Why does finishing this style, a confetti or crumb method, takes so much effort? The stitching is tiny. Here's a shot of the reverse. Those are inch markings on the base fabric. And this piece is 28x40. It may have been faster to use a tiny meander but the leaf pattern is in keeping with the theme.

This version is a little bigger than the original. I will bind it in a similar fashion.
It's always interesting to see the difference, even though you start and work with the exact the same image. 

Version 1