Sunday, 7 May 2017

It's OK to change things

I made a lot of changes this week. Several pieces are being remounted on frames. One was too wobbly. It just wouldn't lie flat. The fix? Anchor it to a frame.
Another was under quilted and lacked physical substance. I know why it happened and its directly related to the fact I painted my own cloth. I fall in love with the cloth itself and the use is almost secondary. Some can be fixed by stitching after the fact and others can't.
So I've taken the binding off and with hubby's help I'll stretch remount them with stretcher bars. (Stay tuned for that comedy.)

The other thorn in my side has been the piece I started at our group workshop, the seascape.

I'm often the first to finish things but not this time.
It has great bones. The cloth representing the ground offered a lot of possibilities but I just could settle on a path.
When I looked at a photo on the computer screen, I could almost see the line of cliffs and beaches I wanted to dress. When I went to the piece itself, I'd get about a third of the way up the coast and then....... the line was invisible. Even sketching from the computer screen onto a photo and then trying to transfer those line to the quilt.......? It just wouldn't come together.


Today I found a path.
I eliminated the sea at the bottom and extended the cliff edge in the foreground.

Now it makes sense to me artistically and I know I can move forward. ( Well it's about time.. It's been over 3 weeks!)