Sunday, 29 April 2018

Albert Cote Workshop

My UFO list has grown again thanks to some landscape work and two workshops from the last two days. A local talented Fibre Artist and quilter, Albert Cote gave a "rug" class at our guild in Guelph.

While this is not a new technique it was much larger than I had attempted before. A few technique tweaks made the process a little easier and improved the design process.
I caught photos of almost all the samples. There is a lot to do to "finish", but as usual I was impressed by the variety of fabric and design choices.

There were a few like myself who were not ready to commit 5 large chunks (20"x36") of REALLY NICE fabric to an unknown project, but after seeing the results and the potential in this exercise, my next one will be more exciting.

The first three photos are process. After stacking smoothing and stitching all around the "rug" to anchor the 5 pieces, a design was drawn and then stitched. The remainder of the day was cutting into the layers to reveal the different colours.

This one, mine, shows a hint of my default topic, Botanics. But I did finish the cutting. There is still a lot to be done, the quilting and washing to fray it and then any embellishing I decide to add.

Enjoy the rest. A lot of very talented and colorful work here.

Until I finish this one.....................

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