Friday, 20 April 2018

New Spring Purse

Next week my Fibre Arts friends are meeting in the workroom of a local quilt shop. This is something we do twice a year. There, we try to work on a common themed project or if requested a member gives a mini workshop on a skill or art piece we would all like to try.

Its been a long winter and I think we're all still a little sleepy. We couldn't think of anything more exciting than making a new purse for spring. Some of us have a favourite pattern that will be reused and some, like myself, decided to use a pattern from Yoko Saito's book Japanese Quilting.

I'm redoing the purse from the front cover. I made one version using upholstery fabric last year and I used it a lot. I'm seduced by the taupe colours found in this book so I decided I'd do some fabric weaving, to see if I could approach the feel of her work shown in her illustrations.

These were the cottons I chose. I cut one inch strips with the grain, and put them through a bias tape make to give them all a finished folded edge.

After pinning the purse pattern to a piece of foam core I started weaving the pieces together. I was aiming for a herringbone pattern but toward the end I know I got lost. LOL

To get the lighter centre, I cut and glue tacked in some different colours. After giving the glue about an hour to setup, I fused freezer paper to the front surface to move it off the foam core.

After removing the pattern, I ironed on a light fusible web to the back and then removed the freezer paper from the front.

Now this is ready to fuse to a purse weight stabilizer. Then I'll stitch all the lines in place before I start assembling the purse next week.

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