Friday, 21 October 2016

Fruit Cake Day

Now the weather has changed and we're in the "tween" time of no AC and no Heat, the last few weeks of "wonderful to be alive" weather.....time to think of Christmas...and cake.

I gathered the candied fruit over the last few visits to the store and after hubby brought home the RUM we were good to go. Though I mixed the fruit and rum a few days ago, it didn't hurt it to sit. In fact as it did absorb all the rum........I added a little more.
I remember disliking this as a child and my children gave it a pass also, but now that everyone is grown I have trouble keeping any past New Years.

This is 8 cups of candied, RUM soaked fruit plus the leftovers from Granola fruit. (I thought I might like dried papaya on my cereal, but no. Using it up this way is a natural.)

I bought a new Spring form pan, one slightly smaller than the one I used last year. This gives me two cakes that fit nicely into cookie tins for storage. I did try cooking in the pan a few years ago, but after slicing it in the pan we noticed the pan finish was lifting. So back to cake pans.

Buttered, lined and buttered again......

Baby just had its first drink of rum....

Momma is happy, seasoned and ready for storage.

So I'll leave them till December and then give them another drink.......They should be ready for Christmas celebrations.

This is the recipe I used this year. Very straight forward and easy. Enjoy!