Friday, 28 October 2016

A Quilt....At Last

These past weeks have been filled with this and that. I haven't started another Art Piece but I have a variation of the yellow Autumn Birch in my head.
I'm still debating size, primarily. I've been letting my roll of canvas dictate my size limit. Using canvas as a stabilizer has prevented me from doing very much on the Long Arm. The Juki doesn't like stitching through canvas and 3 or more other layers of cloth. I listen to that machine and choose accordingly.

But the trips and company are almost finished for a while. The last is my son's birthday this weekend, ( I'm presently cooking granola and then Cheesecake) plus Halloween. The yard is put to bed, for the most part. I did a massive cleaning in time to catch the city pickup. The rest can go into the green bin for weekly disposal.

But I did quilt a queen this week for the sister of one of our guild members.
This was her first quilt and with all beginners it comes with problems and oversites. I quilted it and did manage to improve its lay (I think). She did a stellar job of the blocks, "Pickup Sticks" is the name. With practise and experience she'll learn to trim the blocks and not just attach the sashing  "any old way". LOL

It's for her son at Christmas. He'll be pleased.....he's a boy.....Mom is perfect.
( I can only go by MY sons.)