Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Dyeing - What I Did Today - Yea Me!

I have company coming for Thanksgiving in 3 days. It's too early to clean so I decided to dye.

I need more dyed cloth for autumn. Whether I used this cloth in a micro snippets way or large pieces is undecided. I know what I want to make, a companion piece to the Autumn birch, but other things may come before, I get to it.

So this is what I made. 8 FQ in golds and reds.

Out in the sunshine they glowed. (A neighbour I casually know, had to cross the street with his dog to inquire. I ended up giving him a tour with the promise his wife could come and visit.)

I did 4 pieces blending two colours and four more dyeing them singly but in such a way the colours were not solid. That's the way I like them.
So enjoy. ( somewhere along the way I forgot to photograph two. Oh well.)

And of course, my mop up cheesecloth!