Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Spring is Teasing me.

I've stayed very busy but I think I've spent as much time looking out the window as being productive.
There is a lot to do but the weather is just not co-operating. Neither is my back.
I sent an email this morning to two lovely young ladies who used to be my paper girls until our local paper folded last fall. I had asked them if they might help me in the garden this spring.
Who should turn up at my door an hour later, but the girls, ready to go. That was a surprise but it was great to get out doors for a bit. They did a quick job on the cleanup and we laid a few of the soaker hoses. As they were short on time today they promised they'd be back on a suitable day to finish the job.
Now that was enough to bring a smile to my face.

I'd spent the last few days with my new obsession...quilting Jane. The urgency to start wore off in a couple of days and now I can approach it with a clearer and calmer mind. This WILL be a slow process. But I have started.

As there are no instructions or guideline on how to quilt this, I looked on line. Most of them are done with dense quilting. Sigh! So dense quilting it is. When I found myself wondering if I could get another line in a block........I went to bed.

As a break, I finished quilt a donation quilt. Not my colours. I found it hard to complete. but its done.

But as my last bit of " BIRTHDAY MONTH " self indulgence, (or necessity?), Hubby found and I bought a new laptop. Our old one was in the process of dying. It was old. It had been to China and to Spain several times as well as the Caribbean and BC. It owed us nothing BUT, it was the power for my projector.
And how did I amuse myself yesterday?
I made it a case. Note the fabric ( painted btw). I've been waiting to use this for a long time. The backside is French.

Now? Back to Jane. I DO intend to start another major? piece in a few days. But MY head is distracted by the workshop I'm giving on Friday. Lesson prep never stops for old teachers. And I have another small quilt to prep for the IPM.
Figure when all this distraction are out of the way, I can reveal and start my next LANDSCAPE.