Saturday, 19 March 2016

How's My Quilt Coming?

Actually it's coming along very well!
I needed that extra time to get over my cold, so waiting for a delivery of Scarlet thread was no hardship.
And I used the time to transfer the design to the quilt.

 I transferred the pictures to the cloth using a ceramic pen. There are several on the market. I did try to use my air erasable pen but the purple line was gone before I finished the drawing. It certainly did not like this fabric. I had never used the ceramic pen before and was concerned about being able to remove it ( Easily done ) and whether it would stay and still be visible after I had mounted the quilt on the frame. ( It was.) But I still didn't trust it.

For insurance I went over the design with thread, a simple running stitch. I FELT better, but in retrospect I think it really wasn't necessary.

And scattered over the remaining surface were 25 paper circles of varying sizes where small and large chrysanthemums were going to go.
The main filler was chrysanthemum leaves. They are irregular, 5 lobed leaves. Rather than a continuous meander I placed linked "clumps" or groupings.
My client asked for a loose and open fill. I haven't had that request for a while but it certainly makes the work go faster.
I'm about half done. Another couple of days should do it.

March 20 - I finished this today but I can't photograph either the Phoenix or the Dragon. Photoshop failed me. Red on Red. Who knew I wouldn't be able to find the right contrast to show the results.