Tuesday, 29 May 2018

One Hour Mountain Landscape with Bear

The fleece is taking a full 24 hours to dry.
To keep the ball rolling I decided to use the two bear samples in my stash in a mountain + water theme.
Having a large and ORGANIZED stash makes this very simple and as I've had pointed out to me many times, not over thinking things does speed up the process.

So this was how my scene went together in one hour.
Using the embroidered bear as a starting point I set the size of the piece at roughly 14 X10. He still needs some trimming but that will come in the finishing of the scene.

 This small piece of painted pink and blue was chosen to suggest dawn.

 Using a remnant from the mountain scenes a few weeks ago I cut off a corner to make a peak.

The tailings and foot hills of the mountains are muted colours. The first flush of deep green brings the forest closer.

Using the woodsy material I double cut a 6 inch piece and then layered them to give more definition.

Now we're down to river/lake edge so the grassy ground is a fresh bright green. Some darker olive is shadow and the gravel or beach come the rest of the way.

The water is made using two different materials interspersed to give life and movement to the water. A thin line of folded white cheesecloth defines the water edge.

And last the bruin. A bit of cheese cloth around his ankles adds the splash of running water.
So working this out took one hour. It's all just layered, no glue or pins.
The EASY way to finish is to apply a layer of neutral netting and stitch it down.
That's tomorrow.

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