Sunday, 28 January 2018

Guess What I Did? - Collage

I attended a collage workshop.
 I took a course!

I want to do more using a collage method but am still at a loss for the hows and the whys. Some things just take longer to sink in I guess and I am a very 'hands on' learner.

Our Favourite Little Quilt Shop in Kitchener, Creative Sisters was offering yet another go round focusing on the works of Laura Heines. So I enrolled!

One lady was there to finish a piece she started last time. She was uncertain trying to finish it on her own. I certainly understand that one.

A few had precut their fabric. I have to assume they had a fair understanding of the method.

They either finished, or can easily do it at home in a few hours.

Then there were the others, myself included, who really had no clue how to start.
There were a couple who did nothing but cut fabric. ?

Here are couple of Owls. One was constructed by a lady from London and the other, a woman from Holland! (She's a frequent visitor to the area, with relatives in town.)

A lovely lady beside me was rather overwhelmed, half way through the day, with the amount of cutting that needed to be done. She also realized she had more appropriate materials at home.

And me, EVER THE REBEL, chose to start a totally different piece.
My own photo (from the internet) of a bear.

The style I wanted to do actually has its own name, Painterly, describing thousands of paint strokes?
Yes, that translates into thousands of pieces of fabric.
This is as far as I got in 6? hours.

Stay tuned for this one. Hopefully it won't take too long.

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