Tuesday, 5 September 2017

BEARS ...... For BC....( well my sister, really,,,)

I've had an urgent request for " bears ".
Well .......okay.....

For what ever reasons (summer craziness?) my files seem to be in a mess. It took me awhile to find a usable picture.  Even my computer files are a bit spread out or redundant. ( I think I need a good purge here. )
I decided to go with these two today.

Trying a different method this time ( all my appropriate hoops are busy ), I layered a traced copy on washable stabilizer over a brown, over a piece of medium stabilizer. Once an outline stitch was in place. I removed the light, traced picture.

Here is the initial choice of threads, I may add more....

And away we go.
There is some drawup but not enough to worry about.

The thread colours don't really look their best until the fellow is cut out and placed on a green background.

5:30 PM

Bear #2

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