Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A Trip To Provence.........Well, Milton really.....

I first saw this farm, Terre Blue, Milton,  advertised last fall.

After stumbling upon their ad again last month, we finally got our act together (and the rain stopped) to have "a little adventure"

It's rarely things are this handy to where I live in Guelph.

It was hot (so is Provence)
There were blooms all around me (so too in Provence)
The air was redolent of Lavender (so too in Provence)

There were bees everywhere. With the crisis in the bee populations, its been a long time since I could actually hear the bees in the flowers. That was actually a plus in my books.

But the farm is only a few acres, not like the famous vistas in France. And there were people.........everywhere.

But to add to my fantasy there was a group of young girls in billowy white dresses and straw hats. (I think that's also part of my imaginary French scene).

But I'm glad hubby indulged me. It was beautiful.


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