Friday, 4 August 2017

It's August..... REALLY?

I took a break this summer.
After all the flurry in June .. .... I was exhausted, and brain dead. So I've spent the last 6 weeks or so WORKING AROUND THE HOUSE ( yes really) and re visiting a number of very different UFOs.
Both knitting and sewing.. as well as working on "JANE".

We've had a very wet summer here in Ontario, but I managed last week to strip and re-stain the deck and paint hubby's deck chair. I think it was the only warm and dry spell this summer to date.

However this is DEFINITELY the summer of MY GARDEN.

So much rain has done wonders. (Actually it's showed me how much I've been under watering.)

Here's the current view of my jungle from my dining room.

Voila... the newly "spiffed" deck

But the Crowned Queen this year is my bed of  'Chicago Apache' day lilies. They have never looked so good.

And the supporting cast is also lush and full. Enjoy.