Thursday, 29 December 2016

Back To My Art - Finally!

Christmas is over. Most of the mess is cleaned up and NOW I can start thinking about creating once again.
I've pretty well got my new machine figured out, but the manual is handy in a drawer.
I've spent a long time trying to decide whether to try for an out door show in TO this June. Spending an afternoon with my daughter ( the graphic artist and master of sunsets over water) I've committed to her. That means She's going to hound me to do this.
I spent a few days "resting" in front of the computer going through all those photos I had squirrelled away in files and Pinterest and pulled out about 20.
I'll mentally work through the logistics of each piece before I even select any material.
But I needed to warm up today so I selected a small piece with an interesting technique.

A moon reflected in water sounds straightforward enough but this one uses an interesting approach.

This was my moon material. It also end up being the reflection materials as well.

The night background is reverse appliqued onto the lighter material.

Then little slits are cut out of the background and the yellow reflection shows through. Very straightforward.
Now it just all needs stitching.
Enough for today.
I like it. It's cute...not great but a clever and simple approach.
I'll finish the "water" with a few different coloured threads.