Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Spring Melt - Day 5

Today our temperature outside is supposed to climb into the positive range. What a wonderful thing to see the bright sunshine. Working on this piece makes me think about Maple syrup.

Our local producers will be starting to assemble their gear. Most have gone to the pneumatic tubing method as its become a big business. I remember in my early years working for the Conservation Authority, and selecting trees, hammering the spiles and hanging the pails.

I gave this next part a lot of thought as I intended to go against my normal method.
Instead of continuing to work forward I decided to finish all the snow.
The sharp edges will be muddied (pun definitely intended) by the duff materials and the tree placement would not be affected at all.

I used freezer paper and applied it to the white materiel that was already faced with the fusible web.

Finishing this is going to be more diddly work. I need to get my head in the right place before I begin that.
(Hmmmmmmmmmmm......maple syrup.........pails..........?..)

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