Saturday, 3 February 2018

Bear - Final

I swapped out the 'black eyes'.\
I could have just fused the new ones over top but I removed the second lighter brown. It wasn't too difficult and though it left some glue behind it didn't matter.
I also replaced the pupil with jet black instead of the darkest brown.
There are a couple of eye 'spots' in place but not fused yet. I'm trying out different colours there.

All that remains is to cut it out and place it on a background. That is, as yet, undecided. I'm leaning towards forest, but I'll have to try a few.

In the mean time, this finished out at 23"x18".

All I can say is what an intriguing process. I'm glad I went to the workshop and really glad I tried it a second time......without flowers

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