Friday, 29 April 2016

New Quilt ...New Inspriations

I was brought a delicate flimsy the other day. Lovely was the only word that came to mind even thought the predominate colour is grey. But this was softened nicely with yellow and lilac.
It was such a feminine piece in spite of the grey.
My usual, first approach with something like this is to rough it out with my EQ6. It helps me see beyond the fabric and pick up any hidden secondary patterns.

This is 96in sq. and the fabrics are simple lovely. Some  Kaffe, and oh so soft.

At the top you can see my method for transferring the Flowers. Paper!

The design I decided on for this was a variation of Baltimore blocks using Jacobean flowers and native foliage. The grey dotted square/diamond gets the leaf treatment and the large star gets the flowers.
Sound complicated but not really.

I'm about half way through stitching the flower heads. I'm doing the foliage separately after I see how much room is left in the star and surround.